CO2 neutral

A Danish writer, Erik Busk, once wrote a song, which can be translated into English as below:

“We want to plant a tree which will grow.

All the way to the sky so blue.

We want to keep the green earth,

to make it a good place to live”


Martello wishes to pay attention to our earth. Only this way our children and grandchildren, will obtain the same possibilities to use and enjoy our earth, and we do not want our company to have an adverse impact on our environment. 

To comply with the environmental strain, every year Martello buys trees from the company Klimatræ, to set off our use of CO2.


Read more here: www.klimatræ.dk


CO2 consumption from different raw materials

CO2 consumption per kg multiplied by the use of raw materials divided by 5000 kg. CO2, which is the CO2 absorbtion of one tree.

Cotton 13.9 kg x 1000 kg / 5000 kg = 2.78 trees

Polyester 16.9 kg x 1000 kg / 5000 kg = 3,38 trees

Wool 44.4 kg x 1000 kg / 5000 kg = 8,88 trees

Acrylic 35.4 kg x 1000 kg / 5000 kg = 7,08 trees

Viscose 26.4 kg x 1000 kg / 5000 kg = 5,28 trees

Polyamide (e.g. nylon) 20.2 kg x 1000 kg / 5000 kg = 4,04 trees