Recycle knitwear

Produced in fine merino wool/recycle PET polyester

Recycle PET polyester is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. By reusing plastic bottles, an environmental saving is achieved, compared to using virgin polyester. For every 1000 kg the environmental saving is:

60% power/energy – corresponding to driving 2667 km in a diesel car

32% CO2 - corresponding to 1820 kg CO2

94% water consumption - corresponding to 378 showers (150 L per shower)


This fantastic yarn does not only pay attention to the environment, but also to animal welfare, due to the wool being guaranteed mulesingfree. Furthermore, the yarn is processed without chlorine.

Last but not least, the yarn is very comfortable and durable, which will extend the life of the knit wear.

“It is sustainable to develop knit wear, which last longer” Quote: Co-founder Martin Therkildsen


Certification yarn



Oeko-Tex Standard 100